10 ways to be in 10 places at once

Do you feel some people are everywhere at once online? I don’t blog much – but if I did, here are some of the techniques I would make more use of.

1. Schedule your blog to post when you are doing something else. This isn’t as pointless as it seems. I am writing this at 4:45 PM on Friday, GMT – on July 4th. Frankly – anyone stateside should be with the family enjoying their hot dogs and colonial freedom – so probably not the best time to publish a post. Mind you… I see Michael, Rae, Brian and Guy all Twittering, so I guess it’s not all about family. Anyway – I don’t want to publish it now and I won’t remember on Monday, so I am scheduling this post to publish when I think it might be read. Not when I’m publishing it.

2. Use ping.fm – So when you post, you also tell Twitter followers; update your Facebook profile and several other profiles. That on its own helps you be in 10 places at once, but I personally only use it for a couple – Facebook and Twitter because I get a bit annoyed with people microblogging on social networking sites and not ACTUALLY being there often to listen or engage with their followers.

3. Get an iPhone. Or a blackberry – but frankly I can’t see why anyone would use the latter. I have never before been able to truly feel like I could communicate on the move – whether on Facebook or doing my emails. Talk about Americans working on a holiday… I now do my emails in bed before I get up. Hasn’t improved my sex life though.

3. Switch on the Twittertext so you can twitter your closest friends from your mobile phone. They’ll assume you are working hard on your computer, when you will – of course – be… well… probably working hard to get BACK to your computer.

4. Instead of using an “out of office” message in Outlook, Keep the computer on and set up a rule when you are out to reply to all emails with: “Thanks for the email mate. I’ll be right on it just as soon as I finish up with this”.

5. Use Skype forwarding or someting a bit more robust (I use Callagenix.com) to be able to divert to a call center when you are busy. That way, you can still be offering low level support and if the call center is any good, they can forward the more important calls to you from there.

6. Hire a PA. OK – that’s not the cheapest option, but really it sometimes does help you be in many places at once. Booking up meetings and travel arrangements can be quite time consuming. If you are making more than it costs to hire a PA and you think that you could earn even more than you do now if you just had more time, then it’s a mathematical no brainer.

6. Use a personalised homepage on your browser to be able to read many things at once. Very few people seem to use a personalised home page on their browser. Google have one, so does Yahoo and there are loads of mash up as well, now. Doing that properly allows you to read all of the important blogs at once through RSS feeds, saving you a huge amounts of time.

7. Use a personalised homepage on your browser part 2… You can also use some of these sites (Netvibes certainly) to preview multiple email boxes. Sometimes you need to keep your worlds separate. I have a company that wrote some Murder mystery games once… wouldn’t want those people to get too wrapped up in my SEO life… so I have separate email accounts to split the two. Actually… come to that… my iPhone also lets me see the same email accounts separately too. Very cool piece of kit the iPhone.

8. Upgrade the office phone system so that all extensions are able to divert calls to mobiles. This really has changed our world at the office, because people can work remotely and our clients need never remember other phone numbers. They always ohone the office and whoever answers simply does the same thing they usually would to call a person’s extesion and they are patched seemlessly to the home worker. Same goes for being out on the road. Before we had this feature, home working was a bit hit and miss. Now it actually works.

9. Use the “Next of Kin” Plugin to spookily talk from beyond the grave, should the worst ever happen.

10. Netvibes allows you to be logged in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Ebay, Box.net. Flickr, Myspace and Crtaigslist (to name a few) all at the same time. Saves a lot of logging in, but is a little TOO slow to be your defaukt home page.


Yahoo warning in organic results


Has anyone seen this before? Hayley just noticed it. A number 1 organic result being highlighted as an email spammer!

What’s especially interesting is that Yahoo chose to tell you they are a spammer rather than give them a penalty or ban them. Initially I thought that’s crazy… but actually it’s quite clever. It is disruptive. It demands action from the email spammer. Not that Yahoo have historically let sites back in their good books once punished.

Are Google Suppressing Wimbledon ads?

I notice that Google has created its own content area for Wimbledon with a few gadgets. Nothing wrong there, except that they are advertising in Adwords and imagethe only other Adword currently showing under the phrase "Wimbledon" is the official ticket seller.

Now – I would have assumed that there would be many many companies in the UK or targeting UK users who would want their adverts appearing right now for the search phrase "Wimbledon". Other newspapers, sporting sites, Tennis sites for example. So why – in the middle of Wimbledon – is there almost no advertising on the phrase? A cynic might say that Google are looking at how they might further control content, by preventing would be competitors from advertising on Google’s turf.