Where do I post a Google Bug?

I’ve been trying to use the Google Talk desktop application. I get this message:


“You have logged in successfully, but need to sign-up for Google Talk. Click here to enable your account for Google Talk. When you are finished, click retry.”

… so I did…. but…

Going to the link didn’t really help. I just get logged in to download the same talk client. Viscious circle… I can use the Google Gadget, but I want to use the talk client – which won’t let me in. So I clicked on the “I cannot log in” and get lost with the questionnaire… don’t you think that there should be a “none of the above” option in the screen-shot I went through below?


Do I click “yes” or “no” where it says “was this article the information I was looking for?”. It’s the right heading… but none of the right options for my problem šŸ™

Help me Google – or anyone else – how can I get the Talk Client to work?

Link Training Workshop Feedback

I panic before running training sessions. So getting the feedback survey is always “lump in the throat” time. Here’s my scorecard for Link training after SES London.

Last month I ran the Link Building and Reputation Workshop at SES – a four hour session the day after the Search Engine Strategies conference with a much smaller group. It’s my fourth SES workshop now and I have to admit to being petrified before each session. The group was incredibly diverse and the demands and skill levels very different. I am therefore pretty pleased with the feedback survey that I just received from Incisive Media:

Feedback Survey Results

What is your overall evaluation of this workshop? 4.00

How would you rate the workshop leaders in terms of knowledge and presentation style? 4.14

Please rate the workshop leaders’ effectiveness (e.g. rapport with group, methods and models used). 3.86

What parts of the training were most interesting and useful to you?
1. The reputation
2. Quality of links
3. One to one input from Dixon on issues specifically relevant to me
4. Link audit tools

Please enter any additional comments about this workshop.
1. It was really interesting. It was possible to speak about our business case. May be the first part in the internal linking could have been more developed.
2. The workshop was a bit too technical for my knowledge
3. Dixon did a good job of generating content to satisfy a broad range of user levels, and took the time to find out our respective levels. I think as the industry matures you will find it increasingly difficult to speak to the broader range of abilities and may need different training levels. Dixon provided me with some fabulous one to one advice which will pay for the cost of the training alone.

I am very grateful to those that wanted to put “1” or “2” for politely not responding and I also hope that the marking was out of 5, bot 10 (otherwise I’m going to get very embarrassed). For my part – I’d like to say thanks to everyone on the course for participating and joining in.

If you would like training, the SES training sessions are well worth a look. They are run all over the world. If you have a larger corporate group, Feel free to ask what trainingĀ ReceptionalĀ can offer.


Haymarket on how to build a spam list

I always thought commenting on a blog was an honest affair… or if anything it was the person commenting that was potentially underhand. But not always, as I found out recently.

There’s a post by Mel on Brand Republic that links to me (Thanks Mel!) about a Guardian article that suggests just how little Brits understand search engines at the moment. I see Patrick is also weighing in on the Brits and search engine optimisation topic.

Now I appreciate the mention on Brand Republic, so I felt the urge to comment and add my thoughts. So to do this I have to register. Fair enough… it says “it only takes a minute”…

…Step 1 of three…

Not sure why there are three steps… I never got past step one. Why? because the sign up page has various opt-in/opt-out boxes as you would expect but I can’t opt out of this:

By registering on Brand Republic, Haymarket Publishing will automatically provide you with information relating to Brand Republic and other related Haymarket products and services via email, direct mail or telephone.

What? other related Haymarket products? They have hundreds! That means I have to opt-in to emails, junk mail and phone calls from things as diverse as:

Thanks for the link… here’s lots back… but sorry, I’ll just add my comment from afar in a pingback. I can’t see how it’s legal to force such a wide ranging opt-in. Please consider taking that clause out of the page registration, Haymarket.