Majestic SEO to appoint Receptional to oversee worldwide marketing expansion

Majestic SEO announces today a partnership with Receptional in a long term agreement to market the largest commercially available database map of links on the Internet.

Majestic SEO has developed the largest index of links on the Internet through a distributed search engine over a four year period and now boasts an index that is estimated to three times the size of Search giant Yahoo, with 697 billion urls spidered compared to an unofficial estimate of 200 billion urls indexed by Yahoo. Google is believed to have reached a trillion (1,000 billion) URLs.

Majestic SEO’s database enables its customers to use the database to understand how web sites and affiliates link to competitors. The data is used to help understand how search engines rank one website above another and is also used for a variety of other competitor and market research tasks.

Receptional will work with Majestic SEO to develop agreements with both retail users and commercial users of its database. Receptional will also help to develop worldwide penetration of Majestic’s services including the USA.

In the partnership arrangement, Receptional’s Dixon Jones will join Majestic SEO’s founder, Alex Chudnowski, on the board of Majestic SEO limited. The agreement is designed to develop the business dramatically over several years.

A website redesign and commercially available API are two of the first steps in developing Majestic SEO’s markets.

Making a Google Map Widget

If you have something unique, then it’s good to share! Forget Google… It’s good to share anyway, Then again, if you have shared something GOOD, then you should at least give Google a fighting chance of noticing.

Take this example of a map widget. Expert Africa are a brilliant company if you want to go trekking around Africa. I doubt anyone else has all the lodges in Rwanda’s national parks plotted and marked on a Google map via their API:

Now this is a GREAT use of widget technology. With the press of a few buttons. Expert Africa have given me the ability to display the map on my blog. If I have just been on an epic adventure, I (being geeky) would certainly want to blog about it to my friends. Having this to help me makes the whole experience even better.

I used to say “If I could get a link from…”

It really doesn’t matter how small or large you are – people WILL listen to you and link to you if they think you have something valuable to say. Microsoft published one of my articles today.

I’ve always said that links are all about quality – and when speaking I made jokes about “If I could get a link from Microsoft’s home page then I wouldn’t care what Google thinks”.

I used to say it as a throw away comment because it was something that I thought was pie in the sky. Something that a small business just couldn’t aspire to in practical terms. But it really doesn’t matter how small or large you are – people WILL listen to you and link to you if they think you have something valuable to say.

Over the years, Receptional has had a link from an article on search marketing on the BBC and we have a PPC case study on Google.  So it goes to show that you do not have to be large to get real links from real (and significant) industry partners.

Today I am the guest blogger on Microsoft Advertising. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to post and if you are involved in the advertising world and know your stuff, I would suggest you do not give up on similar ambitions.

Good links don’t come with link requests, they generally come with being good at what you do. That’s as it should be. I’m not pretending that these links are the same as Microsoft’s home page, or the BBC’s main news page. But they DO provide prospective clients with some third party evidence that may help some to trust me enough to lend me their brand to tender and treasure, to see what we can do in our small little part of the digital world in which we live.