A Guaranteed Link Trick at A4U Expo

I feel the need to share a link building trick or two at A4U Expo. It is a bit rough around the edges, but in theory it could trump many other ideas.

a4uspeakerI’m speaking at A4U next month on the topic of  Getting Authoritative mentions online. I have to say that this conference is one of the strongest on the circuit. Being targeted at the incredibly savvy affiliate community, it has to be! True, it’s stick out at the

London Excel conference center, but apart from that, it generally rocks!

I always TRY to give something out that very few people will have heard before. Now that I am also Marketing MajesticSEO, I have taken the chance to delve into it probably more than most. I recently did a link audit for a very powerful affiliate site and found a new way to find links. Since Lee McCoy is going to be getting ready for honeymoon, I thought it would be great to annoy him by sharing the technique when he wasn’t around. (I’d link to the Facebook thread that would have made that last sentence make sense… but can’t work out how!).

There are two reasonably well known link intersect tools out there. The original hubfinder tool and the new Moz one. I’ll talk about both of them, for sure – but I also think I’ve found a way to get a much larger list than both of them.

You can get 10% off the ticket price by using the promo code SPKD10.

A Tricky Excel task

Good old Will is doing a free Excel Ninja webinar soon. Useful to many I am sure.

Here’s my challenge of the day. I have five worksheets in an Excel document. Each sheet contains a list of at LEAST 1000 cells, and each cell contains ascii.

I need a list of duplicate cells in worksheets 2-5 which do NOT appear in worksheet 1.

Can anyone tell me how to do that please? Will – if you do it in the seminar, I’ll do my damnedest to send someone onto the webinar.

SEO skills can save the planet

Larry Page’s “Page Rank” algorithm happens to work on predicting the exinction of animal species.

Would you like to put your top notch understanding of black hat SEO to an ethically more noble purpose? It turns out that Larry Page’s original algorithm can also be used to understand which species of animals are approaching the endangered list, by mapping the food chain between animals using the Page Rank model. It seems to me that whether animal A can eat food source B represents the “link” and presumably the relative supply of food source B represents the “link juice”.

So black hat SEO is all about artificially manipulating the algorithm. Online, that’s apparently bad (according to Google, anyway) – but it turns out good if you want to save rare breeds from extinction. (Does that make conservation minded Zoos black-hats?)

Daron Rubin spotted an article on the BBC  about an unusual use for the Page Rank Algo.

I think that’s absolutely bloody brilliant! 🙂

What was your speaker rating?

How did you fare on your last speaking gig? Here’s the feedback I got.

When I speak at SES I get rated by the audience. Always scary. Here are my scores for my presentations at SES in San Jose a few weeks ago. I spoke on two sessions:

Session: SEO Through Blogs & Feeds

Session Score: 4.11
Speaking Score: 4.12

Session: Beyond Googling: Where Will Your Customers Be Searching in Five Years?

Session Score: 3.55
Speaking Score: 3.80

I did check… the scores are out of 5, not 10!

I do agree with the audience. I think “SEO Through Blogs and Feeds” offered real, practical ideas that people can take back to their businesses. “Beyond Google” is – by its nature – a little bit of crystal ball gazing. Interesting, but less readily affecting the bottom line.

My next presentations are:

I am also running an intensive training day in London at the end of October, with Andy Atkins-kruger from Webcertain.  Not sure if this is public yet, but it is looking like a pretty decent organic SEO training day if you want to get to the heart of your SEO issues.