Top Ways to Break Google

How many ways do you think we can find to break Google?

Let me start things off. I just found Google’s Internet Stats page:

breakinggoogle Try to search for anything containing the word “internet” and the system just seems to hang. It was still hanging after I downloaded and upgraded my WordPress installation.

Dave Naylor, another UK SEO has been finding loads of broken SERPs recently around Geo-issues. He spotted this one today:


There are BOUND to be more. Got an insane search result? Found a way to crash Google scholar? or Chrome? I would love to build a list of ways to break the system. I’m sure the boys and gals at the ‘plex would be interested too!

Taking water for granted at Pubcon

One of my favourite charities is Oxfam. It’s only one that has managed to get a monthly payment out of me every month for the last decade. My father set up the first ever Oxfam shop in Hong Kong (Not the first shop… just the first in Hong Kong) and every month my payment is in his memory.

By contrast, I find myself heading to Pubcon next week in Las Vegas. Smack bang on he heart of Nevada’s desert – blistering heat and hardly any rainfall. Yet Sin City thrives. The hotels rise out of the ashen ground and water flows from the taps, supplied courtesy of the Hoover Damn.

Compare conditions in the Nevada Desert to those in Ethiopia – taken from the Oxfam blog:

There’s a women standing at the top of a hole in the ground – bright yellow jerry cans and donkeys surround her. There are nine other women down the hole she tells us… forming a human chain to bring water up from the bottom of a cave. They don’t need ropes because, “God has provided a ladder” – a series of rock-formed steps.

They walk all day to get there. They break their backs carrying the water back.

Living in these conditions, how can you expect Ethiopia to compete on a world stage? they can’t.


So I’m going to Vegas and I have a fun packed week of meetings and presentations. I’m also going to enter a poker tournament.

But when the tap water starts flowing like a little miracle out of the taps, think about the miracle that “God has provided a ladder” to the ladies of Ethiopia.

Charity shouldn’t always start at home… it should sometimes start as far away from home as is humanly possible. I looked at Oxfam’s accounts once, and found they were one of the most efficient charities in the world at getting the donations through to front line services. Can you help them? Not even to build the Hoover damn. The ladies of Ethiopia would just be happy with a water carrier like this:


3 miles of Data Cabling

We are growing our office. We are not a large company, but we hope to be… so we had an extension built We then all moved into that, whilst the main office building was totally gutted. Even the second floor was rebuilt and the roof raised to meet modern day building regulations. Apparently we aren’t allowed to only employ dwarves any longer. It’s heightest.

Today I had a look in at the work in progress…. Lan cabling lining the floorboards, roofing and the walls.

Apparently… nearly 3 miles of it!

I asked if this would mean we could dispense with the central heating. Apparently not.

So is this necessary? Well without it, any business would need 10 times as many meetings, which would mean loads more travel. So I bet that if it was “carbon tested” so to speak, then yes.