Yahoo Site Explorer Alternatives

Yahoo Site Explorer is going offline. Here is a list of the main Yahoo site explorer alternatives. There are a few to choose from with different strengths and weaknesses.

So Yahoo Site Explorer finally died. It took most of the year – but many SEOs had found stronger alternatives a while back. However – if you only just woke up to the fact that your search world just collapsed, there really are only a few realistic alternatives to choose from.

Majestic Site Explorer

I do want everyone to know that I am prejudiced here, but Majestic’s Site Explorer has the Biggest data source (way more than Yahoo with 3.5 trillion urls). The freshest data (updated more than once a day) and the fastest site (because the data is not scraped on the fly and is optimized on the web’s front end.

Unlike Yahoo – which only gave 1,000 backlinks even though they reported that they knew of more, Majestic gives you many thousands depending on your subscription level – or ALL of the backlinks in their advanced reports. Getting data on your own sites is free. You can also get headline link counts for all sites for free as well, but the real magic – all the links, with all the anchor text, in any order you really want, does require a subscription. There has been a huge investment into the Majestic SEO project and they do (in my biased opinion) have the world’s best site explorer.


Great at the moment to get some of the links. Blekko has a much smaller database – but they would argue they concentrate on quality over quality. I am not sure the truth isn’t a bit more about how to crawl and store the whole web, but with a huge investment recently from Yandex, they might overcome these issues in time. That said – with Yandex being a full search engine, there may be pressure on Blekko to stop releasing all the backlink data at some point.


The SEOMoz offering. A great tool for sure with extra bells and whistles with their Domain Authority and other added value metrics. They are using the Amazon Cloud which is not cheap and has had some outages recently – but they probably have the highest user base of all the alternatives in this list and many people swear by their data.


I think they are pretty good – but you best speak German for best results.

Most other alternatives use the data from these sites – or derivatives thereof.