Flow Metrics vs Moz Metrics vs Page Rank

MajesticSEO have launched a new set of link metrics, based on iterative flow of data through links. I know I am not fooling anyone in the know that I am impartial – as I am Majestic SEO’s marketing director, but I’m also a MozPro user as well.

So I asked one of our team to go to a random Wikipedia article, take every third word, put the word into Google and select the third result 50 times. I then asked him to record the following data for every URL in his list, so we could all start comparing the new metrics with Moz metrics and with Page Rank. Here’s the resulting list with the following:

Correlation Tables with Page Rank summary:


Domain Authority .787
Moztrust .119
MozRank .014
Citation flow .814
Trust flow .746


The strongest correlation is Citation flow in our study, even though Citation flow does not try to emulate Page Rank. Domain Authority comes in a close second, but at a URL level there really is no competition. Trust flow is not aiming to correlate with Page Rank but it is interesting to look for yourself to see sites with a high Domain Authority or Citation flow but with low Trust flows. Trust flow is something new – and very enlightening.

(Download the full URL list in this Word document)

In actual fact – Citation flow is in several regards a stronger metric than Page Rank because:

  1. It updates daily – not once in a blue moon
  2. It is “pure” in that it is not affected by manual penalties in Google
  3. It can be calculated at the URL, subdomain and root levels – whereas Page Rank is only per page.
  4. Links are not created “equal”, because it lets page strength flow over multiple iterations

(Download the full URL list in this Word document)

page rank comparison < Here it is in Excel with Page Authority added.