A Global Twitter Strategy?

I just noticed Twitter has a load of new (to me) suddomains:




But not (as yet):




So What’s Happening Here?

Ay the moment, the content on each of these looks identical to me, but Twitter must be planning a bit of a roll out of something which – I can only assume – will mean Twitter streams differ by more factors than just timeliness. Facebook has EdgeRank and LinkedIN have their own algprithm (which SEOs would be wise to analyse). So Twitter may be wanting to shake things up a bit.

How Might That Impact your own International Strategy?

This may or may not put a hole in the planned strategy I was about to deploy for Majestic and would love feedback on opinions. As many will know, Majestic is now in three languages and it’s not a secret that we have a few other Ambassadors fighting our corner abroad. The Blog has now similarly started taking on an Intermational feel, and the result has been @MajesticSEO Tweeting in German one minute and English the next. The Italians want their share and the Brazilians are about to rule the world… so surely I need to adapt the Tweets or alienate the English speakers.

I WAS thinking that I should set up handles on Twitter for each language and… instead of suddenly letting a Tweet slip out on @MajesticSEO in a foreign language, rather have a planned strategy that Tweets every (say) 19 hours saying: Follow us in YOUR language: URLA, URLB, URLC, … etc. Thus we move users towards their language over a period of time.

Anyone got any thoughts or success stories on Tweeting multilingually? I don’t think Americans will warm to non-English Tweets over time.