Fantomaster Interview – is it an Omen?

I just saw a Tweet about an interview with Fantomaster. Seconds later I happened to have the devil’s curse on Twitter. Conspiracy theories are us! 🙂

I just saw a Tweet about a really interesting interview with Fantomaster which I thought was worth a plug… when I suddenly noticed what was happening on my follower numbers…


Ralph (Fantomaster) used to run an Occult book shop before he decided to disrupt Google’s world. Actually – to be fair – Ralph was working in this space well before Google, so it’s fair to say that Google decided to disrupt Ralph’s world.

Anyway… for now at least, I have 666 followers. I’m not saying nothing Ralph…


3 thoughts on “Fantomaster Interview – is it an Omen?”

  1. And now at 670 signups, so at least the trend is back up… as my squeaky clean white image starts to seap into the mire. All signups now are going to be a viewed in a completely different light! a sort of black light spreading darkness through my veins 🙂


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