Will you vote for my Blog?

There’s a Blog competition worth entering. Win a great prize for affiliates. If you don’t have a blog… or just want to say thanks for the info, maybe put in a vote for me?

Murray is running a Blog competition, which has some pretty super prizes:

What do you win in the Blog Competition?
-2 Gold Passes for Affiliate Summit East on August 9, 2009 in New York City: ($1800 value) for the best blog overall
-A Full Pass for Adtech London (£835)
-A portrait of you by Mari Kurisato
-A competition winner logo for your blog
-The chance to say you have an award winning blog

If you could vote for me whilst you are there, that would be really great.

I found a blog competition
I found a blog competition


6 thoughts on “Will you vote for my Blog?”

  1. Cheers Joe! The leading ones are mostly B2C, so I guess I’ll be aiming for a more modest category.

    …or I’ll find a few proxy servers…?

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