A Guaranteed Link Trick at A4U Expo

I feel the need to share a link building trick or two at A4U Expo. It is a bit rough around the edges, but in theory it could trump many other ideas.

a4uspeakerI’m speaking at A4U next month on the topic of  Getting Authoritative mentions online. I have to say that this conference is one of the strongest on the circuit. Being targeted at the incredibly savvy affiliate community, it has to be! True, it’s stick out at the

London Excel conference center, but apart from that, it generally rocks!

I always TRY to give something out that very few people will have heard before. Now that I am also Marketing MajesticSEO, I have taken the chance to delve into it probably more than most. I recently did a link audit for a very powerful affiliate site and found a new way to find links. Since Lee McCoy is going to be getting ready for honeymoon, I thought it would be great to annoy him by sharing the technique when he wasn’t around. (I’d link to the Facebook thread that would have made that last sentence make sense… but can’t work out how!).

There are two reasonably well known link intersect tools out there. The original hubfinder tool and the new Moz one. I’ll talk about both of them, for sure – but I also think I’ve found a way to get a much larger list than both of them.

You can get 10% off the ticket price by using the promo code SPKD10.

5 thoughts on “A Guaranteed Link Trick at A4U Expo”

  1. Hi Dixon, really looking forward to catching up with you again at the Expo. We’ve got a link building swap shop running at the Expo which some of your readers might like to take advantage of.

  2. Hi Joe,
    A linkswap party? 🙂 Sounds great! I probably owe you a drink after the fate of g4.ms… But I’m guessing I can do that at the Ignite party tonight, without having to shell out.


  3. Hi,
    Where can I find out more about this?
    I googled ‘guaranteed links’ and came across this site.
    Always looking for new link building methods.

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