The thickest Search Marketing company on the planet?

Which company has bought a website with 813,000 backlinks and then more or less switched it off?

It’s officially Miva.

Miva bought for lots of money. They didn’t redirect the 813,000 backlinks (yet)!

Try going to… here’s what my colleague Andy Langton spotted today and what and I see as I look now… a holding page:

Espotting Holding Page

Here’s our back link tool looking at the relative backlinks of amd


So have Miva decided to entirely ignore 813,000 backlinks? Well… not exactly. Although has a holding page, http::// contains spam link pages! Here’s what I see:

Spam Links?

Now you would have thought that a company SO close to the search community would have paid a professional a few quid to learn how to have migrated those 813,000 links properly wouldn’t you?

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