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I think it is my sheer determination not to lay down and die that keeps getting me invited onto the podium to be an SEO speaker at Internet Marketing conferences. If you would like me to speak I am open to offers!

Engagements in 2012


Engagements in 2011


    Engagements in 2010

    • Pubcon Vegas, November
    • International Search Summit – London – October
    • International Search Summit – Berlin. 7th June
    • SAS – Manchester
    • A4U Munich – 18th/19th May
    • SMX London -17th/18th May
    • Pubcon South (Dallas) – 13-15 April
    • SES NY – March
    • RIMC Iceland – 12th March
    • SMX/SphinnCon (Israel) – 7th March
    • SES London 16th-19th February

    Engagements in 2009:

    A4U is the UK and probably Europe's largest affiliate connference and Expo.

    A4U is the UK and probably Europe

    Engagements in 2008:

    • November Webmasterworld Las Vegas (Moderating)
    • November SMX London
    • October Scottish Enterprise Council, Gretna Green
    • October 14th-15th, London Excel
    • September SMX Stockholm
    • July 16th Open University Entrepreneurs Forum, Milton Keynes
    • Feb 8th 2008: Iceland again.
    • Feb 19th – 21st: SES London.
    • Feb 27th: Society of MBAs, Old Beaconsfield, S. Bucks.

    Engagements in 2007:

    • Microsoft / Chambers of Commerce. Several events around the country with Microsoft where I was talking about organic SEO while Mike from Optimize talked about PPC. Microsoft sponsored it all. Thanks guys.
    • SES London: Actually twice, once in February where I was on a panel and also in November, running a workshop on link building strategies
    • eVirus: In Vilnius, Lithuania. The Keynote speaker slot and a great experience in September.
    • SMX Stockholm: SMX is the new conference by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, who really were the creators of SES. I was delighted to be invited back to Sweden in October.
    • SMX London: My home ground in November.
    • A4U: the largest affiliates network in the UK have got all the way to london Excel this year with their first fll blown conference in November. I am on a few panels there.
    • PubCon: Las Vegas 4-7 December. I hate Las Vegas, but love the show. I am moderating on panel on European search and I will probably be on a site clinic panel again.

    Other great places that I have had the chance to speak on Internet marketing at in the past include:

    • New York
    • Iceland
    • Vancouver
    • Montreal
    • New Orleans
    • Edinburgh
    • Sunderland (it wasn’t THAT bad)

    I tend to put up the text and slides from my talks on my Live Space as it keeps my hand in on using the Microsoft blog system.

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