Number 1 for “Search Engine Optimisation”

Back in 2001, who was number 1 for “search engine optimisation” on Google? Yes! and here’s the proof.

Ah! Memory lane. Look at THIS search result:


Unfortunately, it’s based on Google’s first ever Index in 2001, which they have brought back for their 10th birthday. We were number 1-3 for about a year on Google, Lycos and Yahoo, generally sharing the results with Mark Garwell from Webplacing and Barry Lloyd from MakeMeTop.

Then after a year two things happened. The first was that our site at number one got booted from DMOZ by a zealous editor and we found out that the customers with the money weren’t looking for “search engine optimisation”, they were looking for “internet marketing consultancy” or some other term.

So where was your site ranking in 2001 on Google Matt Cutts? Go and check it out.