Internet Marketing Plan

At some point last year I found myself in Edinburgh, doing an SEO presentation with those guys trying to buy that upstart, Yahoo. That’s where I met David Bain, who said that he had this training course planned and he wondered if I would do an interview with him, which I duly did.

He said he’d

SES London has 2000 attending

Just overheard Kevin Ryan and Marilyn talking about attendance at SES London. They’ve got 2,000 people coming over the three days. Te Business Design Center is a strange layout, so it’s not always easy to see how many people are around, but the session I just went to was full. Mind you… the panel included

Microsoft to buy Yahoo

Blimey. Just had a call from Mel, who’s just had a text from Steve Ballmer. Microsoft are going to  buy Yahoo at $31 a share!

 This representings total equity value of approximately $44.6 billion.

 But the more important thing for all of us is that there will be two players, not three.

So I heard the news

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