My chess thoughts are far from frequent, but I chat about chess here. I play chess at county level and online. At the county level I play mainly for “Luton Kents” who meet on Mondays. I have played for the A-team but this season – now that I have played on board 2 for the B-team I am locked into that team for the season. Still – since the A-team and the B-team are in the same league, what’s in a name?

Chess. Serious fun!

Last season I also played for Bedfordshire in the inter-county championships with limited success. I say limited success… we actually won the entire tournament, but the final was during the world cup and frankly it was also during a crucial England game. Naturally I couldn’t take my chess THAT seriously, so – like most of the country – I watched the soccer instead. I think Bedfordshire won by getting more players to turn up on the day than the other guys… but sadly no trophy for me. It did, however, give me enough rated games (after many years) to at last get an official chess grading of 120 at the English Chess Federation.

Onlline I play chess here and can certainly recommend it. Unlike the free clubs online (yes – it costs money!) you get to see Grand Masters playing life and the software download also allows you to store all your hames and analyse them afterwards.

If you join up – let me know. I play with the handle “Mayhem”.

Chess. Serious fun!

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