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Half-day or one-day link building training courses for SEO at your agency or conference, anywhere in the world. Link building is a business process is at the heart of a good link building process (although many would argue people are at the heart). A process can be taught.

What’s in a URL?

A Link is a common name for “uniform resource locator” (or URL) and it is at the heart of the Internet. It is the thread between web pages, the fabric that knits the Internet together. Without links, the Internet would simply be an unreferenced library. Mastering link building is at the heart of Internet Marketing.

Links convey meaning to the user as well as search engines

You’ll be in great hands when you learn about Link Building from Dixon. Whether you want to train in a large group at the world-famous Pubcon conferences or whether you would like your team to understand the value of link building and SEO in your own Internet and website strategies, Dixon can help you.

Few people in the world have spent as much time analysing links. The connections between web pages can influence the way search engines have evolved. As the past marketing director of Majestic, the specialist backlink search engine for a decade, Dixon is well placed to train you and your team. Dixon was a founder of one of the UK’s first and most enduring search consultancies for a decade before Majestic.

“The session was really helpful and got us thinking outside the box, which we needed.”

Luke Tobin, Digital Ethos.

Dixon will help the team develop a much deeper understanding of how search engines work. He will show how they approach their challenge of indexing the entire Internet through link discovery, crawling and algorithms. He will help the team learn to critically interpret any situation and come up with creative, but rational ways to creatively improve a website’s search visibility through link building through brand development and adding value to the web, rather than noise.

Dixon has run link training at Pubcon and SMX

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