I am at BlueGlass – an SEO conference in Tampa, Florida.

Yesterday I got to speak a bit about Majestic and mention the new enhancements announced today. Below is what the audience thought of the new enhancements. (The banners people are holding up say “Charlie Likes This”. I am not altogether sure who Charlie is, but I am grateful for their votes of confidence.)

Blueglass show their "Likes" for the new Majestic enhancements by waving banners


The conference has taken place in an Air Conditioned tent next to the hotel pool! The weather, though, has been far from perfect, with the rain coming down – but at least this kept the sold out group in the tent rather than in the pool I guess.

The speakers have been really insightful and I hope to blog some of their thoughts over on Receptional. Some of the content, though, has been listed as “not for public consumption”.

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