After receiving over 50 entries, I have chosen a winner for the new look and feel to my website. Congratulaions To Malique for this winning design.

Malique’s design won for the following reasons:

  1. Great calls to action
  2. He kept to the brief very well
  3. He showed me the internal pages, not just the home page
  4. He cleverly blended in my company colours without making it obvious

The while experience of using 99designs was great too. You set out the design spec as a contest and let the designers run wild. The interface is very intuitive for me and the Intellectual Property gets properly handed over at the end. On the down side, you have to commit to a prize, regardless of the quality of the entries – but there were many entries and if Malique hadn’t been in the batch, others woud have won and I would still have been happy.

The other finalists (who deserve the “nod” after all their hard work) were:

Runner Up: Hammer aka Luis Fok 










There was also another very close contender, but he has withdrawn his design, presumably for use another day. You can see most of the contestant entries here.


malique · February 2, 2009 at 7:55 pm

I must say the others were outstanding!

Thank you for the opportunity Dixon.

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