I notice that Google has created its own content area for Wimbledon with a few gadgets. Nothing wrong there, except that they are advertising in Adwords and imagethe only other Adword currently showing under the phrase "Wimbledon" is the official ticket seller.

Now – I would have assumed that there would be many many companies in the UK or targeting UK users who would want their adverts appearing right now for the search phrase "Wimbledon". Other newspapers, sporting sites, Tennis sites for example. So why – in the middle of Wimbledon – is there almost no advertising on the phrase? A cynic might say that Google are looking at how they might further control content, by preventing would be competitors from advertising on Google’s turf.

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Jenstar · July 3, 2008 at 3:28 pm

Since the only other advertiser is an official ticket seller, couldn’t it be that Wimbledon filed a trademark complaint with Google AdWords, hence there being only official ads?

mayhemuk · July 3, 2008 at 4:03 pm

Yes – possibly – but in the UK that would be a bit of a problem as Wimbledon has 30,000 homes and makes up a substantial area of London. Other towns contain Florist adverts, or localized results. Even so – if Google upholds a DMCA for Wimbledon, they probably should hold themselves to the same standard and not advertise their own widget content either.

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