Today I am at Microsoft’s London HQ with about 50 Microsoft clients. They are going to talk about what’s coming down the pipe. Since they said nothing was secret, I decided to blog it (from my iPhone!)

So this post may get longer as they goes on…

The first speaker used to work for the BBC and brought BBC Iplayer to us. He is saying that until Microsoft are convinced that they have the BEST search engine in the UK, they won’t be doing their UK marketing launch. (We haven’t had adverts yet, here in the UK.)

Microsoft believe that (surprise, surprise) their future is in the cloud. With a show of hands, most people in the room had more that 2 computers in the home. We don’t want our data stored locally any more. It sounds like Windows 7 will have this at it’s heart. (looks like we may get a free beta at the end of the day… Another post, for another day).

This cloud idea goes beyond storing data. “synchronized consumption” was a catchprase that I think might stick. The idea of playing a game on your xbox and doing a live bet on William hill on the outcome of the multiplayer game you are in, for example.

He also sees a huge rise in video usage online, and wants Microsoft to be the leading longplay video consumption online… But also reminded us that 15% of the UK don’t use mobile phones and a third don’t have broadband.

10:20: next up, Nicky Smith, Marketing Director of Microsoft Advertising. She started with a video summarizing some of the masses of tools and platforms open to microsoft advertisers. More of an advert than an insight, but the idea she went on to was a one stop shop. Cloud based data warehousing allowing advertisers to target adverts fully. This targeting ability is becoming more important than ever, getting the right message at the right time to the right person… And this translates into Engagement Mapping, which dispels the idea that “last click wins”. Microsoft feel that we can now measure all the aspects (touch points) of the campaign.

She went on to say that display adverts can increase the number of searches by 54% and can increase click through by 47%. Interestingh, huh?

Live searchers (now bing) convert over 40% better than the… Main competition.

So the only challenge now… More market share?

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Isambarduk · June 19, 2009 at 11:20 am

“So the only challenge now… More market share?”

I think that’s about it – and that always been the MSN challenge. I do wander if just ‘improving’ the product will help it sell more; I rather think not, there’s much more to it.

Dixon Jones · June 22, 2009 at 10:20 am

I had to stop Blogging this. It all got SO interesting and moreover, all became rather more about showing videos and interactive stuff rather than facts that were easy to relay.

It really was a case of “you had to be there” I am afraid. It went on all day and then we had a great dinner with Will Carling ( as the speaker.

he was great company, although my memory of who won what, when in Rugby clearly is an embarrassment to behold.

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