Would you like to win US$700 in the next few days? I have set up a contest to rebrand my blog on 99designs with this design brief. You don’t have to do the HTML Markup. No offence but I’ve chosen Joost to do that, on the basis that his reputation will be tarnished irrevocably if he didn’t do a good job :).

I decided I really needed something of my own after it was pointed out that Mary Bowling – another SEO – was using the same WP theme. Hers started in December 2007 and mine started a little earlier, in the October, but that’s the trouble with GNU licenses. Anyone can and should use them. I’m not bitter Mary! 🙂 The theme will be all yours soon.

So here’s to hoping someone comes up with a good design. The competition is open for another 6 days… 23 hrs… from the when I posted this.

WIN US$700 for a rebrand of dixonjones.com in a competition at 99designs.com.

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MaryBowling · January 27, 2009 at 5:40 pm

Hey Dixon,
Sorry, I had no idea we were using the same theme-I would have at least changed the photo on mine if I had.

I don’t mind sharing, though, especially with a guy I admire. (I picked this theme based on it being able to do what I wanted as far as navigation, widgets, etc.)
Cheers, Mary

Dixon Jones · January 28, 2009 at 11:03 pm

No problem, Mary. I was the same on choosing the theme. It was surprising at the time how few themes were properly widget ready and “professional” looking as I recall. Good to meet you and I am sure I’ll be off your turf soon 🙂



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