I must say that I have been hugely encouraged by Google’s drive towards a more open communication with the Webmaster community recently. Their monthly search quality briefings and their decision to start encouraging users in Webmaster Central to set up email alerts are really helpful. In fact – so is the whole “Inside Search Quality” blog.

Today I saw that they had a video of a search quality meeting. It was looking at autocorrecting on 10 word phrases (I guess that would be called a decagram). It shows the level of immense detail that goes into algorithm changes.

This move towards proactive transparency is great. It really starts to show that there is SO much “white hat” stiff to get stuck into when optimizing a site that you probably shouldn’t start thinking about the less legitimate stuf for quite some time yet. I am hopeful that this goes some way towards putting clear water between professionals in the industry and dabblers… whereas before I would say there was at best a murky puddle between the two camps. Now there is SO much we can learn from these briefings that you just don’t have time to do this in your “free time”.

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Arpita · May 25, 2012 at 6:25 am

Thanks for sharing this nice post.
This is really impressive that Google is going so detailed in quality checking that they are using the auto correct method in 10 word phrases.Thus an algorithm change shows that it goes into immense detail while quality checking.

Thanks again

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