(Update: This was my first post on my blog after making it WordPress… so I am leaving it here for posterity… I no longer use Clook, by the way, but they are better than many I tried since!)

I decided that after a decade I really should get my personal domain – dixonjones.com – updated. The old one was originally built in 1997 using Front Page ’97!

Of course, my main company has its own dedicated servers, hosted with Rackspace, but I didn’t feel that putting my personal sites up there was particularly good form. I like to use my own sites to go crashing around things like CMS systems and playing with Htaccess les and really – I don’t fancy bring down a server being used by a fortune 500 company on my watch!

So I have gone with Clook and I have to say the system is brilliant. So far I’ve easily installed Mambo, Joomla and WordPress all at the touch of a few buttons and when all the database connections seemed to break earlier this evening, they fixed my problem in less than 10 minutes. Can’t argue with that.

Dixon Jones

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