Some of you may have heard me mention Empire Avenue as a potentially great way of Gamification of your own social media marketing efforts. I only ever put it out there as a “fun idea to think about when you have time”. But as I woke up at 5:00 AM this morning, here is a little idea I am experimenting with in the game’s “Missions” which you might like to try.

I have TWO missions on the go… One is open to anybody that is playing Empire Avenue and visits this web page. Well done if you are one of them – but read on…

The SECOND mission is only open to shareholders… so anyone buying share on Empire Avenue in me will currently effectively get 500 Eaves cashback (Eaves being the currency of the game) just for subscribing to a Youtube channel.

So how is this interesting for social marketers?  Well the point is that Empire Avenue is a game where users invest in other people’s social equity! That mean that the people in the game are interested in increasing their activity in social space, but not for the same reasons as marketers. They want money, shareholders and generally stuff that makes them do better on the game. In short they need to “do” stuff in social to succeed.

Marketers in social – it seems – are trying to persuade people to “Do stuff of their own accord”. Well that – to me – sounds like a match made in heaven ( or hell, depnding on your point of view).

By linking a few of the tools in your social toolbox together, it isn’t too hard to see ways in which gamification and social media marketing can come together effectively. Just play someone else’s game!

Are you using Empire Avenue?

So… if you just came here from Empire Avenue – please go and buy some shares in me and if you are in the next 30 shareholders to take note, you’ll find a mission in your mission tab after buying that will give you 500 eaves back. (Since my shares were only around 44 Eaves when I posted this, you could even make a profit.)

If you DON”T use Empire Avenue – here are some thoughts as to why you might…

1: These people win by being socially active

2: You can search their profiles to find socially active people that can help YOU

3: You can help THEM by spending virtual money and buying shares in them

4: You can speak to your shareholders without having to send emails

5: You can see their blogs in their profiles and help them by checking them – which you need to do anyway if they are a blog in your space.

I have always said that links are about relationships… and they are… so be careful not to go too far outside your sphere of influence though. Only shareholders can see the link to the YouTube channel in their missions – so that hopefully there is a layered effect and I only get the people interested in me (and my videos) subscribing.

Interesting times eh? 🙂

Dixon Jones

An award-winning Search and Internet Marketer. Search Personality of the year Lifetime achievement award Outstanding technology individual of the year International public speaker for 20 years in the field of SEO and Internet Marketing, including: Pubcon; Search Engine Strategies (SMX); Brighton SEO; Ungagged; Search Leeds; State of Search; RIMC and many more.


Kushal · 1st July 2012 at 7:00 am

Hii Dixon,

Thanks for the valuable information about Empire Avenue.I was not aware of this website.It is very interesting thingy I guess.I am gonna register and will let you know if buy share for you.Your current share price is 54.30.Good.Keep it up.


Anna Mawrick · 23rd March 2013 at 10:07 am

Thanks for sharing information about empire avenue. it is new to me. i hope it works good.

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