If you are an Internet Marketer who does not get much chance to meet other like minded people, you are missing out. There are plenty of places to meet up socially and with more of a business agenda. You’ll often find some pretty well known people at these kinds of events.

Here re a short list of events – most of which I’ll be at – which are available to you over the next few months. They range from the “I’ll need to check my bank balance” to free. Hope to see you at one?

Thinkvisibility 4th September in Leeds. This is clever. It’s on a Saturday. That’s because plenty of the audience are only part time blogging or “dabbling” with websites and have another job during the week. Don’t be fooled though… some of these guys turn up in rather nice cars!

Re:Fresh £195 (but look out for discount codes) London. This is one I haven’t been to before – but the speaker list looks pretty nop notch. John Straw from Influence Finder is on the Keynote – which works for me!

London Blogger Meetup – September 14th. Free in London. You can’t argue with the price – but when I looked there’s only 20 places left, so do go and sign up. It’s usually a talk in a pub, followed by drinks in a pub. We’re thinking of buying the drinks at one of these events, so I’m going to pop in and have a chat with the organizers.

Social Media Advertising day. 20th September in London. £149. This one is a bit more heavy duty – but I would imagine taht there will be some useful information and some great contacts to be had. I’m sadly at another event in Bormingham that day, but by colleague Alan McIvor will be going along to pick up all the tips and tricks.

A4U Conference and Expo 12th-13th October. This one is the “big” event as it runs over two days and is usually chocablock with parties. I recommend the party the night BEFORE the event if you get the chance. The cost is going up, and the hotels at London’s Excel aren’t cheap though. But fear not… I happen to be speaking at this one, so use my discount code “SPKLON50″ to get £50 off or just go to the Expo, rather than the full conference and then slip into a party after hours.

There. That’s your diary sorted for six week. After that, I’m off to Vegas.

Dixon Jones

An award-winning Search and Internet Marketer. Search Personality of the year Lifetime achievement award Outstanding technology individual of the year International public speaker for 20 years in the field of SEO and Internet Marketing, including: Pubcon; Search Engine Strategies (SMX); Brighton SEO; Ungagged; Search Leeds; State of Search; RIMC and many more.