I just noticed that Search Engine Land’s Facebook group has just recruited its 2000th member. I thought I knew the first few members – but was surprised that I also know the 2000th! Jason Duke has been on the search scene forever (Warning – You Tube Link)- you may have seen him walking around wearing a Spam sandwichboard if you have been in this game long enough. I thought I’d capture a screenshot of the 2000th search Engine Land member on Facebook for prosperity.

search engin land has 2000 visitors

 All I can say, Jason, is “What kept you?” 🙂



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JasonD · June 13, 2008 at 8:03 pm

hhehhehe, and I didn’t even realise.

thanks Dixon for letting me know here and via facebook. It took so long for me to find out for the same reason it took ages for me to find out about this post.

I have been cajoled into user FB more by my missus. It feels really weird using a website manually rather than by button clicking 😀

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