It’s officially Miva.

Miva bought for lots of money. They didn’t redirect the 813,000 backlinks (yet)!

Try going to… here’s what my colleague Andy Langton spotted today and what and I see as I look now… a holding page:

Espotting Holding Page

Here’s our back link tool looking at the relative backlinks of amd


So have Miva decided to entirely ignore 813,000 backlinks? Well… not exactly. Although has a holding page, http::// contains spam link pages! Here’s what I see:

Spam Links?

Now you would have thought that a company SO close to the search community would have paid a professional a few quid to learn how to have migrated those 813,000 links properly wouldn’t you?

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Joe Williams · March 24, 2008 at 11:03 pm

Eeek, they now have a PageRank of 0 and no indexed pages. That’s not cool! Do you think the domain has been reset to start from scratch like expired domains?

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