I came across this article from Business Insider alleging IP theft under NDA and my experience with large agencies does nothing to help WPP.

First the article: (reproduced with permission – they have a neat linkbait trick on their articles. SO nearly well implemented for SEO. Never mind guys. Shout if you want to pay me to improve that embed article code)

Now Receptional has been around a long time – and it tends to be November or December when the Agencies come a hunting, with elusive check books, looking to buy up a few smaller fishes. After a decade I am getting the idea. They sign you up to a non disclosure agreement, then use that as a cover to really slice and dice you. See what you’ve got, and what’s worth building themselves.

Then in January, the calls stop. They know who you are and how to change direction in their own business if that’s what’s needed.

In my experience, these acquisition investigations don’t tend to have lawyers in the room. That would be way too expensive for what is essentially a competitive intelligence exercise. So it doesn’t surprise me when a large agency’s “people” simply forget that they were told truths under an NDA. It’s endemic in the industry and a practice that somebody probably should challenge before it gets out of hand.

I’d love to go into more details about investigations from at least three such agencies. But hey… I’m under NDA.

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