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Dixon Jones, Internet Marketeer

I am Dixon Jones, the Marketing Director of Majestic12 LTD, owners of a web based technology used by the world’s leading SEOs to analyze how web pages on the internet connect between domains. It is the largest database of it’s kind that can be analyzed publicly in this way, with well over a trillion back links indexed.

Dixon is also a founding director of Receptional – an Internet Marketing company and has a decade of experience marketing online, primarily above the line, building Receptional up from a start-up in my front room to a reasonable size. From near the start I did this with David to build a team of 15 Internet Marketing Consultants last time I counted and little sign of a slow down. The office has now become so tight that the landlord has agreed to build a considerable extension that would more than double our floor space. I don’t think he wants us to leave.

Other accolades (or chains, depending on your point of view) in the world of Internet Marketing include being a moderator on Webmasterworld which most webmasters have heard of. If you haven’t, I guess you are not a webmaster. To be fair, nor am I these days. I am an Internet marketer – but I don’t know how an Internet marketer can really understand the nuances of the Internet Marketing world without at least some understanding of web-servers and CMS systems.

I also get to talk a bit. Sometimes I “um” and “ah” too much, but people keep inviting me back anyway.

Dixon Jones, Murder Mystery Writer

Apart from Receptional I once used to write and run Murder Mystery Games for corporations. I gave up writing them and sold most of my games off some years back, but I kept a few and sell them online through another company Murder Mystery Games.

Now that I am starting to find my feet running businesses online, I recently set up a company for myself which will act as a vehicle to run new ventures online, either of my own making or of other peoples’. It’s kind of an investment vehicle I guess, although I would be better bringing a decade of experience running start-ups on the Internet (and 20 years of experience running start-ups from before the Internet) than bringing cash. I can’t say all the ideas that this business is getting into – and I have no idea which (if any) will succeed, but I’m looking at:

  • using a mobile phone technology for learning languages
  • an idea for getting kids into space (metaphorically AND literally)
  • a way to harness an index a news source not previously indexed on the engines

If you would like me to be a small part of your own wacky (or not so wacky) idea, I’ll take a look – but time is not something I am readily able to give up. I like what I do at Receptional Internet Marketing and wasn’t planning on jumping ship!

Dixon Jones, after Hours

I got married in 1998 to Marie and still remember the three week honeymoon in the Dominican Republic like it was yesterday. She’s my rock and my motivation. I am a lucky man,  for sure.

I live about 10 minutes from work by car – 25 minutes by bicycle and about the same if i get so drunk I need to take the train. On the whole I leave the house about the same time as my two kids go to school and most people in the office leave at 5:00 PM. To be fair I tend to work a bit later, but that’s just me. I’m still home well before most dads in my village.

I live close enough to London to be able to see my big clients but avoid it if I can. It’s no place for a family.

My hobbies include Chess (I played for my county last year); Mountain Biking (although I have to admit that in my 40s it is getting harder) and my orange car…

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