Developing businesses online

Do you need a CEO or Marketing Director, but you think you are too small right now? Dixon has built four successful businesses from bedrooms to boardrooms. He has exited all except Majestic, with which he is synonymous. He now partners with other entrepreneurs and also supports the community through training, blogging and speaking. His expertise beyond his MBA is in SAAS and online marketing and is interested in Director level opportunities.

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Hire a Brand Ambassador to help you

Going into business together is no simple venture. Whether the relationship is share-based, salary-based or revenues based, it is likely to be a three-to-five year relationship. If you are thinking of working with Dixon, you must already know his past. If he does not know yours, then a good place to start is by sending through a few details. Find out more about developing a business partnership.

SEO & Online Marketing Speaker

You can see several presentations Dixon has made on this site. He regularly speaks worldwide and enjoys discussing SEO, Link building and Internet Marketing. Here is a list of events that Dixon will speak at or attend.

Link Building Training

You can hire Dixon to run SEO and link building training at your office or conference.

Dixon Jones also runs Link Training at some of the conferences around the world and you may prefer to engage through one of these. You will find these on the Events page.