You should be able to find me at these events. If you are looking for a much bigger list of Internet events, try Fili’s list.


BrightonSEO’s 10th Birthday Party

InOrbit, Slovenia. 18-20 March

Older Events

February: 4th: Friends of Search, Amsterdam 7th: SearchY Paris 19th:

November 2019: State of Search, Dallas. UK Search Awards.

September 12th, 13th 2019: BrightonSEO. I’m talking about PageRank.

October 2019: Pubcon Vegas I am running the Link Training with Ann Smarty and Marie Haynes. I’ll also be representing Majestic. I am also the MC at the US Search Awards while I am there.

November 4th and 5th, 2019: State of Search, Gilleys. Dallas, Texas.

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