Google, Education and Mediocrity

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  • September 27th, 2012

This evening, I searched for “how to take your GCSE exams early”.

My daughter is 12. I know that GCSEs are designed for 16 year olds, but she is ambitious and inquisitive. She wants to know her options. For those outside the UK… GCSEs are exams kids normally take at 16. (The rest of this post is country agnostic.)

I was surprised to find Google’s responses pandered to… Continue reading...


Here is a great way to dramatically improve memory when reading articles online. Continue reading...

JUNE 15 2

Some of you may have heard me mention Empire Avenue as a potentially great way of Gamification of your own social media marketing efforts. I only ever put it out there as a “fun idea to think about when you have time”. But as I woke up at 5:00 AM this morning, here is a little idea I am experimenting with in the game’s “Missions” which you might like to… Continue reading...

MAY 21

Flow Metrics vs Moz Metrics vs Page Rank

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  • May 21st, 2012

MajesticSEO have launched a new set of link metrics, based on iterative flow of data through links. I know I am not fooling anyone in the know that I am impartial – as I am Majestic SEO’s marketing director, but I’m also a MozPro user as well.

So I asked one of our team to go to a random Wikipedia article, take every third word, put the… Continue reading...


Google Search Quality team being transparent

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  • March 29th, 2012

I must say that I have been hugely encouraged by Google’s drive towards a more open communication with the Webmaster community recently. Their monthly search quality briefings and their decision to start encouraging users in Webmaster Central to set up email alerts are really helpful. In fact – so is the whole “Inside Search Quality” blog.

Today I saw that they had a video of a search quality… Continue reading...

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