In 2017 I have set out on a new challenge. My friends helped me build the list:

As a result, here’s my Bucket List. If you subscribe to the site, I’ll write up each one as I achieve it and ping you a line. I don’t know how you subscribe to a blog… I probably did once, but I am in my fifties now.

Sixty Things to do Before I am 60

  1. Do the 3 Peaks challenge (Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike) in the same week.
  2. Canoe along the Caledonian Canal in Scotland from one side of the UK to the other.
  3. Learn to play the guitar enough to be on stage once
  4. Take a Cookery lesson
  5. See the meeting of two oceans in Cape Town & climb Tabletop Mountain
  6. -13. Visit 8 new capital cities in 8 years (8 challenges)
  1. Plant a tree
  2. Invest in a wine business
  3. Blog about 60 things I am thankful for
  4. Play a round of golf
  5. Go Ice fishing
  6. Cook somethings I have never eaten before (I am a poor cook!)
  7. Do something meaningful to help the homeless
  8. Find the most charitable way to give £80 and then convince 8 people to give the same.
  9. Do 60 push-ups in one go
  10. Learn to say Thank you in 16 Languages
  11. Visit the Azores
  12. Have a beer (with anyone that can join me) at Cullen’s Tannery Pub, Near San Francisco
  13. Find 5 people I haven’t seen for 15 years and arrange a meetup
  14. Do one thing that will save 60 lives
  15. Do an overnight hike, staying out in the open
  16. Inspire 60 young people to make their lives better
  17. See the Northern Lights
  18. Visit Havasupai
  19. Work in a soup kitchen
  20. Take a Cocktail Masterclass
  21. Have a dancing lesson
  22. Write a time capsule letter
  23. Play and win a game of chess in Washington square park, New York
  24. Black water rafting in Waitomo (New Zealand)
  25. Plan my 60th Birthday party
  26. Take a year off full time work
  27. Go 30 days without using at a smart phone or a tablet
  28. Attend a traditional Tea ceremony
  29. Spend one weekend doing whatever Marie enjoys, with Marie.
  30. Spend one weekend doing whatever Genie wants, with just Genie.
  31. Spend one weekend doing whatever CJ wants with just CJ.
  32. Take Genie to France
  33. Send Barrie Smith a postcard from here
  34. Paint a picture on canvass
  35. Take a flying lesson
  36. Go 30 days without alcohol
  37. Ride a Ski-doo
  38. Cycle the Trans Pennine Trail. – ACHIEVED!
  39. Get my weight down to 13.5 Stone
  40. Meet the next Monarch
  41. Meet a world leader from another country
  42. -60: I am saving these… I haven’t thought of these yet.