Link Building and SEO Capacity

It’s Christmas and as this blog has zero adverts and pretty much no money making schemes, I hope it’s OK to plug the services of my own consultancy. We grew a fair bit in 2011 and now have about 20 people at the SEO Consultancy that I founded back in 1999. Amongst them we have a dedicated link building team as well as expertise in Enterprise SEO. When major websites need someone to check another agency’s work, they often come to us – but right now we would love to take on another major site. If you like working with small, boutique but extremely well informed SEOs, then track us down and let’s see if we can’t help you in 2012.

There we go. That’s my annual plug. I didn’t even send it out by email to everyone this year.

Merry Christmas. See you on the other side.


How to get your page recrawled

This on e is for googlebot, Please go and recrawl the Receptional Daily so your index doen’t look in your SERPS as if it was last updated on the 6th of August.

Our CTO will be most grateful.

Fpr eveyone who is not a bot… one way to get your page recrawled when you don’t have access to Webmastertools or sitemaps is to simply link from a page of some stature. Doing this in the main text is helpful, as Google is more likely to recrawl these links.