WordPress Blog Promotion – Joost Style

At A4U Joost is presenting on WordPress Optimisation. He has some great tips – so much that I am in danger of missing my own talk by watching his!

Joost┬áis speaking at the A4U expo on Blog Promotion. Specifically: “Optimising for WordPress”. He started with a load of tips for plugins, but to make sure you go to see his site, you’ll have to go and find the presentation in full from his blog.

He gave some promotion tips and some conversion tips.

Promotion tips:

  • Go where the readers go. Sphinn, LinkedIN, Reddit, Digg. Social Networks.
  • Don’t bait with bad content, because users unsubscribe and never return.
  • Do Guest posts on bigger blogs. Saves the big guys writing posts, and you get the promotion for your own blog.
  • Turn visitors into fans, by getting the users to subscribe. The subscribe button just can’t be big enough! (I’ll make mine bigger soon).
  • Most readers don’t know what RSS is – so give users a chance to subscribe by email as well.
  • Remind people to subscribe after each post.
  • Comment Redirect or Comment relish helps new commenters by redirecting them through to a subscriber message.

Improving conversion on your blog:

  • Ask for comments
  • Thank people for commenting
  • Get to know your readers. Follow the links they leave and see why they like you
  • Answer all questions and respond to all feedback
  • Reward Good remarks, by giving them credit for their comments by way of another blog post
  • Keep people involved, by commenting on others’ comments and maybe getting a plugin to receive comments by email when they are posted.
  • Don’t distract users. Get the Track-backs pushed to the bottom.
  • Always fight spam in the comments (at least by enabling Akismet)
  • Keep it simple to comment
  • Measure, Improve and Repeat
Some great tips – and I certainly haven’t done most of them. Especially turning users into subscribers. So – feel free to hot the very small subscribe button!
Right – I have to go and prepare my own presentation next, on Internet Marketing Howlers.