Time to Reflect?

I just had a bizarre online experience. It’s 10:50 pm on a Friday night. I just heard @randfish (who was at my table at a social occassion wedding a few weeks back) is going to present to the UN Secretary on Sunday. I was told that by @ciaranj, just after he told me that my new favourite program; Flash Forward was on TV.

I think it is about time to consider dixonjones.com as distinct from Receptional.com. No longer is it a dilemma of business and personal time overlapping. Now my personal politics and preferences are mixing with my business life.

My wife has gone to bed, but my 9 year old daughter is asking to borrow a key for a magic trick. If my wife was awake, there is NO WAY I would be writing a post on my iPhone using the WordPress publishing app.

It really has gone all Pete Tong. (translation:wrong). Life has all gone arse about tit.

Is this right?

Or is my wife right?

Should I watch my daughter’s magic trick or Flash Forward or @randfish’s Twitter feed?

When I write it down… It becomes clear that of course, I should watch the magic trick.

Review of PRWeb in the UK

PRWeb announced back in February that they were going to launch a UK version. I was very excited… then sadly watched for the next 8 months whilst the web page sat and effectively said “coming soon”. Well… it launched a couple of weeks ago. Very quietly… with pretty much zero fanfare.

I thought that a new UK press release system would be a great case study for my presentation next week at a4uexpo.com so I thought I would do them a favour and email them, asking if they would give me some credits to do the test. I couldn’t promise to say it was brilliant, but I also said I wasn’t out to slate them.

Well – firstly – they never replied. So this test is now costing me £110 out of my own pocket, and if it doesn’t deliver, I feel every justification in slating them! But then – I’m not bitter – :).

So the release went live this morning. Observation number 1 – unless you want to pay lots more, you need to plan the release several days in advance.

I’ll let you know what exposure I can glean at my presentation at A4U. If there is anything you want me to test and report on, maybe comment here and I’ll include it in the presentation but also reply here in case you won’t be at A4U.