Random Domain Generator for Excel

Ever needed a list of Random Domains in an Excel Spreadsheet? If so, feel free to use mine in this post… just thank www.receptional.com when you use it in a blog post please.

Recently I have been seeing innumerable SEO posts that claim to be scientific, then show you data either for a single site and suggest this is fact or worse – for sites that the author won’t name and pose as fact.

If you plan to put up research:

  1. you need to let the research be open to peer scrutiny. The results need to be replicable.
  2. Your research is only good if your data is unbiased. Finding a random set of domains is remarkably hard to do.
I found a site that creates random words, but this is only part of the challenge. I then created a list of valid TLDs. Then I took a random word and attached a random TLD. My TLD list is just the common ones for me – but you can add more. Only thing I suggest is not to use non English speaking countries with a list of English random words.
The resulting Excel file shows you an example of creating 100 random domains from a list of 2700 or so random words. You can always play on the theme if you want – but if you ever see someone using a biased list of sites for some research… please send them over to here in the comments to get them to do the test again with something approaching objectivity would you?
Now this is not TOTALLY random, but should create an unbiased sample set for most SEO testing.

Download the Excel random domain generator file.


Mantras to live by

I thought I’d write down a few random thoughts. I don’t THINK I plagiarized them, but I am sure many a philosopher has had similar thoughts before. These are the sorts of things I try to keep in the back of my mind when I get up in the morning.

“If I do seven things in a day and three of them didn’t work, I still achieved more than the guy that did one thing well.”

“Empires are built on Towers. Knowing why they work is a key element in building my own Marketing Towers.”

“Don’t rely on one thing going right. It’s the one thing that won’t.”

“Success is a state of mind. Donald Trump thinks he is a success… with four bankrupt companies under his belt. Donald’s mind must be in a state.”

“Links are just relationships. Some are good. Some are bad.”

“Whatever marketing philosophy you live by – I bet you lived by another one last year.”

“I see my life as pieces on a chess board. Every action I take is aiming to advance one piece, one space. I am not looking for Mate in four, I am looking for a good game. Then occasionally I get bored and start again.”

“There’s no point in the goal, unless you enjoy the journey. The goal passes by in a minute… the journey often takes a lifetime.”

(c) Dixon Jones. 2013.