What self respecting Internet Marketing Geezer doesn’t have a list of their own web based Internet marketing tools? To be fair, I cannot take the credit for any of the the SEO tools or other tools here… so have tried to give the right people credit where it is due. I have, however, managed to modify the odd script or changed it’s use to be more appropriate for the things I do. I generally put these together for my own benefit – but you are welcome to bookmark tis page and use them. The list will probably grow when I get some time, to include my favourite third party stuff.


Dropbox: The ultimate way to have a “virtual” folder that you can use securely from any PC.

Web based FTP: For those Internet cafe’s that block port 21.

Social Networking Password Generator: One password creates unique passwords for multiple domains. Remember one password and use this tool to access every domain using unique passwords.

Serps Preview: Look at how a web page might be listed in Google. Useful for increasing click through rates. (Free sign up to Receptional’s tools required)

Link Analyser: Compare the quantity and quality of the backlinks of two competing websites. (Free sign up to Receptional’s tools required)

Theme Extractor: So what do you think a search algorithm will make of a web page? Usefu for ensuring a good quality score in adwords and also identifying good target keywords (or for seeing just how irrelevent the text is for your target market!) Free sign up to Receptional’s tools required.

Accessibility Viewer: Let’s face it… bots are just disabled viewers. See it the way a bot reads it. Free sign up to Receptional’s tools required.

Related Words: Got a keyword that’s just too obscure (or too competitive)? find out what else people might use as a proxy search phrase. Free sign up to Receptional’s tools required.

Oh… and Majesticseo of course!

Find loads of ways to submit your site to places that MIGHT be relevant, by using Debra’s Keyword link finder.

Thanks to Andy Langton for some of these. He has some more of his own tools.

Looking for a guy to do some work for you?

I don’t do consulting now, but  I’ve recently found out that Rishi Lakhani certainly does.
Find him at: Rishi Lakhani‘s site.

Alternaively, if you need a UK based agency, I still have an interest in Receptioonal.



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