Google Adwords Goes Wrong

Google Adwords occassionally sends messages to account managers which – I would have thought – will ruin the confidence of the not so savvy adwords manager if the advice was taken at face value. Here is just one short example of Google getting WAY too clever… and way too wrong.

Interesting email from Google Adwords:

You currently have 2 pending proposals for 2 client accounts. You can view a complete analysis for these accounts by clicking the ‘Want more clicks?’ links on your My Client Center page:

For example, according to our analysis, the following campaigns would benefit from budget adjustments:

This campaign met its daily budget of GBP £64.50 on 10 of the last 15 days. Increasing the budget to GBP £143.28 would allow the ads to show more often and get approximately 11% more clicks per month.

So let’s look at that advice from Google… Increase the spend by 122% in order to increase the clicks by 11%.

Am I missing something – or does Google think I am a complete plank?

4 thoughts on “Google Adwords Goes Wrong”

  1. Incredible, looks like Google will do anything to squeeze extra revenue out of advertisers, even when it is patently obvious it is not beneficial.

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