Build a link widget out of your content

If you really have good content, maybe others will want your content in their websites? Here is a way to give that functionality to them in a way that also give you an anchor text link to you at the same time.

I often talk about link widgets. They are bits of code that are (hopefully) useful to other people, that – when used – also give you the kudos you deserve. This post shows you how to make your own content into a link widget.

For example – would you like me to write content for your website? Using a snippet of code below on your website, every time I write a post on, your web page will update automatically… like this:


Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Dixon Jones.


Just cut and paste this code into your site:

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript” ></script><noscript>Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href=””>Dixon Jones</a><br/></noscript>

(I will of course make sure my content is always Internet marketing related and I hope one or two do put the code on their pages. If you do, please let me now… I will certainly give you a link and maybe bring in your while feed)

So how can you offer your code in the same way? Here’s how:

  1. Well first you need content in a Blog or similar system that has an RSS feed. If you are using an online system for you content, chances are you already  have an RSS feed. 
  2. Next, get an account at Feedburner. It’s free and it gives you plenty of other useful ways to use RSS feeds.
  3. Use the “Buzzpost” option in Feedburner. Deselect the “display link to feed option BUT…
  4. When the code is generated by the Buzzpost software, you need to just adapt it a little, otherwise the anchor text and backlink goes straight to Feedburner. simply add {Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href=””>YOUR ANCHOR TEXT</a>} (without the curly brackets)

Then when you give that out to people, you will also get the benefit (which you rightly deserve) of true credit for the content you write.

8 thoughts on “Build a link widget out of your content”

  1. >>An error in Google’s algorithm…<<

    It’s a Google error, but not necessarily an algo error. I see it as a *reporting* error, and Google makes lots of those.

    Anyway, I’m seeing it right now as 1 of 1.

  2. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for commenting, but I think your comment relates to not to this link widget post. I can’t see an easy way in WP to move a comment.

    Mind you… the mere fact that you commented here after seeing another post in the widget tool in this article shows that the widget does the job of generating commentary on this page that was generated from another page… so in other words, there is value in other people putting this widget on their sites, assuming the content is relevent.

  3. Oh – well you log into Feedburner,

    Click on the feed for your blog… should show you graphs of your subscribers (or lack of them in my case)

    Select “publicize” from the tabs at the top.

    The BuzzBoost button is in there.


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