Yahoo Briefcase Closing

Another Yahoo Service bites the dust. Turns out I was using this one as well. Yahoo briefcase helped store files in the cloud. Now… why would they close it down just as everyone catches on?

Yahoo Briefcase¬†was one of the first systems to allow you to store files in the clouds. Actually – it wasn’t one of the first systems, but before then the Internet was running at… well a snail’s pace. (Yes.. I know snail’s cant “run”. Leave me alone!)

I just heard today that this service is to close. This follows a multitude of closure announcements from Yahoo as it tries to turn its hand from everything to a presumably much leaner machine.

I would have thought that before they just close all these services, they should consider giving them to entrepreneurs that never had billions to protect them in times of crises. I think I could have made a small fortune selling a service like that. I just had to work with a Russian web development team to build something similar for a friend. Sure – mine’s better (now… thanks Nick!) but I doubt it has the scalability that Yahoo had.

Yahoo – you know all these free services that you dropped… didn’t you think to try just puttiong the price up to something profitable before just dumping services on your customers?

Ah well… your recession… your rules.

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