Where do I post a Google Bug?

I’ve been trying to use the Google Talk desktop application. I get this message:


“You have logged in successfully, but need to sign-up for Google Talk. Click here to enable your account for Google Talk. When you are finished, click retry.”

… so I did…. but…

Going to the link didn’t really help. I just get logged in to download the same talk client. Viscious circle… I can use the Google Gadget, but I want to use the talk client – which won’t let me in. So I clicked on the “I cannot log in” and get lost with the questionnaire… don’t you think that there should be a “none of the above” option in the screen-shot I went through below?


Do I click “yes” or “no” where it says “was this article the information I was looking for?”. It’s the right heading… but none of the right options for my problem 🙁

Help me Google – or anyone else – how can I get the Talk Client to work?

3 thoughts on “Where do I post a Google Bug?”

  1. For anyone trying they workaround, be warned. Google forever after thinks that you googlemail address is your main address. This screwed me up big time because it changed my google analytics verification code that was bring installed on a quoted company’s website. Going back to a quoted company and telling them that I need to change the code did not instill professional competance in my client, I suspect. Sorry client! It was Google’s fault. They made me to it!

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