SEO skills can save the planet

Larry Page’s “Page Rank” algorithm happens to work on predicting the exinction of animal species.

Would you like to put your top notch understanding of black hat SEO to an ethically more noble purpose? It turns out that Larry Page’s original algorithm can also be used to understand which species of animals are approaching the endangered list, by mapping the food chain between animals using the Page Rank model. It seems to me that whether animal A can eat food source B represents the “link” and presumably the relative supply of food source B represents the “link juice”.

So black hat SEO is all about artificially manipulating the algorithm. Online, that’s apparently bad (according to Google, anyway) – but it turns out good if you want to save rare breeds from extinction. (Does that make conservation minded Zoos black-hats?)

Daron Rubin spotted an article on the BBC  about an unusual use for the Page Rank Algo.

I think that’s absolutely bloody brilliant! 🙂

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