Time to Reflect?

I just had a bizarre online experience. It’s 10:50 pm on a Friday night. I just heard @randfish (who was at my table at a social occassion wedding a few weeks back) is going to present to the UN Secretary on Sunday. I was told that by @ciaranj, just after he told me that my new favourite program; Flash Forward was on TV.

I think it is about time to consider dixonjones.com as distinct from Receptional.com. No longer is it a dilemma of business and personal time overlapping. Now my personal politics and preferences are mixing with my business life.

My wife has gone to bed, but my 9 year old daughter is asking to borrow a key for a magic trick. If my wife was awake, there is NO WAY I would be writing a post on my iPhone using the WordPress publishing app.

It really has gone all Pete Tong. (translation:wrong). Life has all gone arse about tit.

Is this right?

Or is my wife right?

Should I watch my daughter’s magic trick or Flash Forward or @randfish’s Twitter feed?

When I write it down… It becomes clear that of course, I should watch the magic trick.

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