New free SEO tools access

Our free SEO tools just got a face-lift. Share and enjoy. is a free tools area provided by my web marketing agency. We’ve just updated it so that we don’t have to sneak out secret logins at SES link training conferences or through Debra Mastaler‘s excellent Linkspiel blog.

You can now register on the site and when you do you get a few neat tools at your disposal:

  • SERP preview Gives you a quick look at how your web page should appear in Google Serps. You should be able to adapt your page description to make this as friendly as possible, encouraging a better click though rate.
  • Link Analyser is a favourite of mine, because it quickly compares the back-links of two competing domains and sorts them by backlink type. 
  • Theme Extractor takes a web page and tells you what a search engine is likely to think the content is about
  • Accessibility Viewer Shows you web page in high contrast layout.
  • Related Words Gives you an idea of what other words you might want to start optimising for or including in your web content.
  • Do us a favour… If you use the tools, please write about them somewhere and give us a link? If you would like them on your own site, give us a shout on the comments and suggestions… It will prompt us to build a free seo tools widget.