World Cup Widget

I have been playing around with a neat world cup widget, by Paddypower, which (with a few clicks of the button) you can use to provide live news about the World Cup into your website. You can also change the look and feel and decide what content you want. If you are into the Wolrd Cup and have any Footie sites, please try it out yourself. Here is my version:

Paddy Power: World Cup odds

If you are looking for a company that tries to be a little more imaginative in its link building, try Receptional.

Crazy Spring Conference Season


Next week (15-19th of Feb) I’ll be at SES London. I’m helping Incisive Media out on the moderating and I also have a presentation and – new for me – I’ll be running a site clinic on the Expo floor on the first morning. That means I’ll have a full MajesticSEO account ready to help you analyse your links. It’s a bit of a free one-on-one session. although anyone else on the expo floor will be welcome to join in. If you want to get your site’s (or more useful… your competition’s) backlinks analyzed, come and see me. during that hour. Be warned – if you are attending the main conference, I think my hour is during the sessions – so you would need to duck out. If you are only there for the Expo, though, then it will be a great chance to get some free consultancy.

After that, it’s going to be an absolute whirlwind in March: Jerusalem; Retjavik; Amsterdam & New York!