World Cup Widget

I have been playing around with a neat world cup widget, by Paddypower, which (with a few clicks of the button) you can use to provide live news about the World Cup into your website. You can also change the look and feel and decide what content you want. If you are into the Wolrd Cup and have any Footie sites, please try it out yourself. Here is my version:

Paddy Power: World Cup odds

If you are looking for a company that tries to be a little more imaginative in its link building, try Receptional.

7 thoughts on “World Cup Widget”

  1. That’s a clever little widget. Always good to see an advertiser doing something a bit different than the regular 468×60 banners – and doing them a few months in advance. I can bet ya most advertisers releasing their World Cup creative three days before the event 🙂

  2. Ha! Dixon!

    Thanks for sharing. Gonna have to whip 1 of these together. We’re headed to the tourney with tix to 6 games. 1 game just so happens to be US vs. England. Wanna put a gentleman’s bet on my Yanks beating your Limeys…?



  3. Thats pretty cool. The world cup is going to be a really popular resource over the next few months. wonder how many hits it will get.

  4. I searched on internet widgets about World Cup, and I was surprised to find very few such tools for webmasters in sports betting area.
    I will use this widget on one of my sites, of course.

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