BBC Title Tags updating in real time

Oh that’s cool. The Netherlands just scored a goal and the title tag updated on my screen to show the score go from 1:1 to 2:1.

Live Title Tags

8 thoughts on “BBC Title Tags updating in real time”

  1. Didn’t manage to see the page at the time of the update, but isn’t that just a auto refresh of the page every x seconds with the title changed on the web page (new page served by the web server)?

  2. The website page can have a in the head section. In this case, browser refreshes (reloads from the website) the page every 60 seconds. On the web server if the score has changed the page title is changed to show the new score (done on the current page). So when the browser resfresh happens it shows the updated title as the page has updated since it last refreshed the page.

  3. I did put some html in my comment above (in the first line) which must have got filtered out. The html to make the browser refresh the page uses meta http-equiv=”refresh” (This is used in the head section of the html page – loads of examples of how to use on google).

  4. Thats an awesome feature to have, but for a site that is less often indexed or crawled by search engines, I don’t know how useful it would be.

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