I got interviewed by Microsoft on PPC for small businesses and put it in a Podcast. I feel I should put an exclamation mark there… except that there really are far too many exclamation marks on blogs. Still – I hope someone listens to it.

My biggest claim to fame was being on Radio 4’s Breakfast time 25 years ago when I was president of my Students Union and tuition fees. Getting quoted on the BBC Website was pretty cool too (back in 2003). I was also on a quiz show called the “Memory Game” on TVB in Hong Kong when I was about 10.

But now I am a decade into search marketing, I think I better dispense with any MBE ambitions 🙂

Ooh… aso got some more speaking spots, including Iceland again… so I am also updating my Search marketing speaker page.


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Andrei · January 24, 2009 at 8:03 am

interveiwed by microsoft sound like you made a big achievement

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